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One of Ocean Park's most notable Arts and Crafts-style homes, this gated residence sits high above Beverley Avenue with sweeping views of Santa Monica Bay. Originally built in 1912 on the largest single family lot in Ocean Park, the home has been meticulously restored to its original character and generously updated with contemporary fixtures and amenities.  This landmark home represents California living at its finest in one of Southern California’s most prized locations, just between the Santa Monica Pier and Abbot Kinney.

As you enter the home through a beautifully crafted entryway, you are immediately drawn to the whimsical, leaded glass windows that embrace and showcase incoming light in a colorful fashion throughout. To the left of the entrance is the spacious living room with a grand fireplace and expansive rows of windows revealing picturesque garden and ocean views.

Adjacent to one of two bedrooms located on the main level is a space that could be easily utilized as a home office, a media room, or perhaps a reading nook. Walls of windows not only allow natural light to pour inside this room but provide stunning views of the lush landscape that runs along the side of the house. The home’s dining room is sensibly positioned between the living room and the kitchen, where generous windows invite the ocean breeze inside while making music with the distinct chandelier overhead.

Surrounding the masterfully crafted staircase are two bedrooms in addition to a bathroom featuring a sunken cast iron tub and tiles from the home’s original era. The second story features a guest and master bedroom, each of which takes advantage of large windows that flood the interior with natural light. The master suite leads out onto a spacious veranda where one can take in expansive views of the city of Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, the Pacific Ocean and beyond.

Downstairs toward the rear of the home awaits a curated kitchen featuring stainless steel appliances of the highest quality, custom crafted cabinetry, contemporary countertops, ample storage space and built-in breakfast nook. The kitchen leads out onto an outdoor terrace where one is surrounded by the expansive, park-like setting of the back and side yard, including lush landscaping and an abundance of living plant species and trees — a testament to gardens of the Arts and Crafts movement. Equally impressive, and hidden behind a secluded garden, lies the guest bungalow, offering its own kitchen, living room, two-bedrooms and bathroom.

Beyond signifying a perfectly balanced juxtaposition between the Arts and Crafts era and today’s timeless modern design, 2511 Beverley Avenue is conveniently located to Santa Monica’s Main Street, the area’s vibrant boutique shopping and dining establishments, the iconic lifeguard station 26 and some of the best surfing and beach life in the world.

Welcome home.


Arts & Craft Movement Gardens 

The Arts and Craft Movement encouraged oneness with nature.  This beautiful house, with ocean views, is surrounded by a natural-style garden that makes the visitor feel immersed in nature. In the front garden rare and unusual trees like the Monkey Hand Tree from Guatemala, Coral Tree from South Africa, Canary Island Palm from Canary Island, etc.  Also in the garden there are much opportunity for harvesting sculptural flowers growing through out the garden like the Pincushion Flowers from South Africa and Camellias from Far East.  Lastly on the front fence we have the most loved rose vine "Cecile Brunner Rose Vine".  Cecile Brunner was developed in France by Joseph Pernet-Ducher and introduced in 1881.  Since that time garden lover have passed down that tradition from Grandmother, Mother and Daughter as an unbroken by the change in garden fashion since it introduction.  We carry that tradition by framing the rear garden with its ocean view, framed with a pillows of light pink flowers in the spring.   The garden's diverse plants and many interesting trees and shrubs create a natural and private environment that complements the Arts and Craft-style home. As you wander through the garden, you may notice a lack of repetition in the plantings. The garden's informality resembles the casual free flow of nature.


The trees in the garden include;

Chiranthodendron pentadactylon - Monkey's Hand Tree

Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Palm

Babusa oldhamii - Timber Bamboo

Sequoia sempervirens - Coast Redwoods

Stenocarpus sinuatus - Fire Wheel Tree

Podocarpus gracilior - Fern Pine

Chamaerops humilis - Mediterranean Fan Palm

Brachychiton populneus Bottle Tree

Tudpidanthus calyptratus Umbrella Tree

Laurus nobilis 'Saratoga' - Bay leaf

Brachychiton acerifolius - Australian Flametree

Magnolia grandiflora - Southern Magnaolia

Cupaniopsis anacardiopsis - Carrotwood Tree

Melaleuca leucadendron - Cajeput Tree

Rhus lancea - African Sumac

Dracaena marginata - Red Edged Dracaena

Archotophoenix cunninhamiana - King Palm

Howea forsteriana - Kentia Palm

Ficus elastica 'Burgundy' - Burgundy Rubber Tree

Lophostemon conferta - Brisbane Box Tree







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